Green Day: Rock Band

January 12, 2010

Ok, yeah, I know, I’ve not been updating this blog too frequently. I really should have written this entry a month ago, when the following announcement was made on the Spike Video Game Awards 2009:

Not included in the announcement was the fact that Demiurge Studios was working on Green Day: Rock Band. And I gotta say, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome working on it. I’d love to tell you more, but NDAs, yada yada yada, so I can’t say much else.

It’s strange, though, that I didn’t realize how big of a Green Day fan I was until we started working on this game and I listened to all of their albums. I loved a lot of their songs beforehand, but I didn’t know that those songs I loved were Green Day songs since I pay next to no attention to the artists behind particular songs. I don’t really buy much music, so most of the songs that I like that I’ve only heard on the radio, at parties, etc., I have no idea who plays them.

This makes the third Rock Band title I’ve worked on, the other two being Rock Band Country Track Pack and Rock Band Metal Track Pack. [Aside: Metal was originally announced to be released on Rocktober 13; we’d wrapped up work on it long before then. Then, lo and behold, on September 22, an email went around with “hey look, we’ve got a game on store shelves”. Turns out the release date got pushed forward by 3 weeks, and nobody at Demiurge realized it]. But this ain’t no wimpy little track pack — it’s a whole new game that’s an order of magnitude more challenging, and we’re working as hard as possible to make this game as awesome as possible.

Rock on!

7 Responses to “Green Day: Rock Band”

  1. will green day rockband be coming sometime in febuary? do u know any thing about when it will be released

  2. You know I can’t answer that.

  3. There obviously isn’t much information you’re allowed to give us at this point that we don’t already know, but do you have any idea when more information may become available?

  4. I do have an idea, but I can’t tell you that either.

  5. Awesome. I’m glad that you have an idea of when we will know more. It’s unfortunate that you can’t tell us when, but if you know when it might happen, I can guess that it will at LEAST be in the next few months.

  6. Anything new about Green Day Rockband? (:

    Green Day <3

    thank you


  7. More information will be released when someone other than myself decides to release it.