Blog Reactions

July 28, 2008

When I started this blog, I was curious to see how fast the search engines would find it. Googlebot was the first, and I haven’t really been keeping track of it after that. The only known link here at first was from, which apparently has links to newly registered domains. As of this point, I actually haven’t told anyone about this blog yet, since I wanted to put in some content.

In my earlier post on Metal Gear Solid 2, I posted a link to a YouTube video. And somehow, through the magic of blogging, Technorati managed to pick up on this and gave this blog its second in-link. I never posted a pingback or a trackback or whatever the latest craze is for interconnecting the blogosphere. Some web crawler managed to find my blog, notice the link (which was to the YouTube video, not to another blog mind you), and decide that this was a blog reaction and post about it.

After grepping through my log files, I was actually a little surprised to find so many different bots crawling my site. In no particular order, they are Googlebot, SurveyBot, BlogPulse, BlogVibeBot, Moreoverbot, and possibly others. I also noticed there were someone was browsing my site using Lynx.

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